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РЕЦЕПТ КАК СДЕЛАТЬ ГИБКУЮ МАСТИКУ уже на канале СЕКРЕТЫ ТОРТОФЕИ: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFQfBVRjQmueB7WqIFJkk6Q HOW TO MAKE A FLEXIBLE SUGAR PASTE you can see already on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFQfBVRjQmueB7WqIFJkk6Q #ГИБКАЯМАСТИКА #РЕЦЕПТМАСТИКИ #ЦВЕТЫИЗМАСТИКИ #FONDANT #FLEXIBLEFONDANT #FLEXIBLESUGARPASTE РЕЦЕПТ ГИБКОЙ МАСТИКИ: В отдельной чашке смешайте: 1 ст. л сахарной пудры 2 ст.л кукурузного крахмала В дежу миксера положите: 20 гр кукурузного крахмала 6 гр пектина 1 ч.л смс или тюлозы 1 ст.л сахарной пудры 20 гр фруктозы смешать с 10 гр горячей воды. Добавить 1 ч.л сиропа глюкозы 1 ч.л яичного белка 1 ч.л глицерина 20 гр кипятка если пектин темного цвета, то добавить белый краситель. Акриловая скалочка: http://s.aliexpress.com/Jj2uQZBj?fromSns= Вайнер для лепестков розы: http://s.aliexpress.com/ANB3QRBR?fromSns= FLEXIBLE SUGAR PASTE RECIPE In a separate cup, mix: 1 tbsp. of powdered sugar 2 tbsp cornstarch In the bowl of the mixer, put: 20 g of cornstarch 6 g pectin 1 tsp sms or tylose-C 1 tbsp sugar powder 20 gr of fructose mixed with 10 gr of hot water. Upload 1 tsp glucose syrup 1 teaspoon of egg white 1 teaspoon of gliserin 20 gr of boiling water if the pectin is dark in color, then add a white color. ESNEK ŞEKER HAMURU TARİFİ Ayrı bir kapta karıştırın: 1 yemek kaşığı pudra şekeri 2 yemek kaşığı mısır nişastası Mikserin kabına: 20 g mısır nişastası 6 g pektin 1 tk sms veya tylos-C 1 çorba kaşığı pudra şekeri 20 gr fruktoz 10 gr sıcak su ekleyin ve karıştırın 1 çay kaşığı glikoz şurubu 1 çay kaşığı yumurta akı 1 çay kaşığı gliserin 20 gr kaynar su Pektin renginin koyu renkte olması durumunda beyaz bir boya ekleyin.

How to make the basic recipe as on the Tub you have just brought. Thank You!! Written Method:• In a bowl or beaker shape place dry ingredients and mix with hand mixes on low, • You should see a balling effect as the mixture combines • It might appear to be too dry but mix a little longer and remove • In your hands place about ½ teaspoon of vegetable shortening and knead the mixture until smooth and elasticated • Continue to knead on a board with some corn flour until the desired texture is achieved. This can be done by rolling out a small sample of the paste very thin and seeing if it holds.

The Cake Makery has developed an amazing flowerpaste (gum paste) recipe, that works every time and makes you approx 600 grams of flowerpaste. To download a copy of the PDF printable recipe, please visit our website here: http://www.thecakemakery.co.uk/free-tutorials/how-to-make-flowerpaste-by-hand.html Our Icings, Pastes & Fillings guide is available here: http://www.thecakemakeryshop.co.uk/how-to-guides/how-to-booklet-icing-pastes-and-fillings/

Materials: Satin Ice gumpaste, fondant roller and ball tool, foam pad, foam ball, floral wire or stick, David Austin rose cutters or regular rose cutters will work as well-- just keep the sizes around the same. David Austin cutters can be purchased here: http://www.sugarartstudio.com/cutter_... **This rose was inspired by various David Austin rose tutorials I have seen including that by Cotton & Crumbs. I combined a few techniques and have slight variations in this style I use.

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