Tefal Optigrill - рецепта за пикантен грилован зеленчуков италиански сандвич тип Panini

автор Tefal Bulgaria   2 год. назад

Благодарение на иновативната Optigirll+ технология, сега всеки може успешно да приготви най-добрите рецепти на грил.

Videoprezentácia grilu TEFAL OPTIGRILL. Sledujte nayelektrodom channel na youtube a www.nay.sk pre pravidelné videoprezentácie produktov. Prezentované produkty môžete kúpiť na www.nay.sk.

French toast done fast.

Get An OptiGrill Here: http://amzn.to/2Fha7xf This was the first trial run with this grill making fish. I love this indoor grill because it doesn't dry food out. I will be making some more fish on this thing very soon. This is the best indoor grill you can get.

Очень нежные кабачки гриль

Troubleshooting for T-Fal optigrill manual light problem as I have received from T-Fal customer service. Please, follow the below steps carefully. Note, that you will not press the power button during these steps. T-Fal OptGrill Manual mode fix *A spacer can be anything, like a cookbook, as long as it is 1 1/2 inches thick. Do not turn the grill on until you are finished the troubleshooting. 1- Plug in the unit press and hold for 3 seconds ( Burger + Fish + Manual ) at the same time. 2-The Steak button will flash 3 times 3-Once the Steak button is solid, Open the grill, place the spacer ( 1 ½ High ) then close the lid. 4-Press the Steak button and let it go, it will flash 3 more times. 5-Open the Grill lid and remove the spacer and close the lid. 6-Unplug the grill. If the unit light turns off follow the instructions below 7-Plug in the unit press and hold for 3 seconds ( Burger + Poultry + Manual ) at the same time until your display beeps and shows the blue light. 8-Open the lid 9-If the unit light turns off follow the instructions below Insert spacer Close lid 10-After 3 seconds the unit light will turn green then beep. 11- Open lid, Light will turn red and the unit will beep. Remove the spacer and close the lid 12-Press the power button 3 times and you will see the light will change Between the manual modes. Yellow – Orange - Red 13-Unplug the unit You’re done. I hope this helps :) Please, like my video if it worked .

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