Tefal Optigrill - рецепта за пикантен грилован зеленчуков италиански сандвич тип Panini

автор Tefal Bulgaria   2 год. назад

Благодарение на иновативната Optigirll+ технология, сега всеки може успешно да приготви най-добрите рецепти на грил.

French toast done fast.

How to Cook the Perfect Grilled Chicken | T-fal OptiGrill – hate drying out your chicken every time? Don’t worry with the OptiGrill you get the perfect juicy chicken you always dreamed of! Order the T-Fal OptiGrill and get $200 in savings off OMAHA STEAKS ► http://goo.gl/2E74U4 SHARE this video! ►http://youtu.be/yeoUUvW7_cg Subscribe to the T-Fal Optigrill Channel and Get Recipes and More! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Optigrill ____________________________ The T-fal OptiGrill is the worlds first and only patented indoor grill with built in technology that indicates the level of cooking. With its patented precision grilling technology including an automatic food thickness sensor and 6 preset cooking programs the OptiGrill is guaranteed to grill your steak, chicken, and seafood to perfection every time. ____________________________ SHARE this video! ► http://youtu.be/yeoUUvW7_cg ____________________________ Recommended Videos: Watch User Reviews Here! ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgm6kleWOJJeUhtXBZ9uPqboLSBQMP8Zd Playlist Testimonials ►http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgm6kleWOJJeUhtXBZ9uPqboLSBQMP8Zd Subscribe to the T-Fal Optigrill Channel and Get Recipes and More! ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Optigrill ____________________________ Follow T-Fal OptiGrill for Tips & Recipes: Website ► http://www.getoptigrill.com Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Optigrill Twitter ► https://twitter.com/TfalOptigrill Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/optigrill/ How to Cook the Perfect Grilled Chicken | T-fal OptiGrill ____________________________ Ereka: Those look beautiful. So many people cook chicken at home, but it can be tricky. You want to cook it all the way through but you don’t want to overcook it until its dry and rubbery, right Chief. Tim: Absolutely not. The goal here is to get a nice crust on the outside of the chicken but keep it nice and moist on the inside. In order to do that you’ve got to cook it to the perfect temperature on the inside. And the OptiGrill does that for you. Ereka: That’s pretty much what it’s all about right? Tim: That’s exactly right. So I’ve got a couple of chicken breast right here. Ereka: Okay. Tim: So let’s get them seasoned up, I’ve got one boneless and skinless here for you. The health person here. Ereka: Thank you. Tim: And I’ve got one boneless and skin on for me because I like that crispy, crunchy skin that you get on top of the grill. So what I want to do is give you a simple salt and pepper for yours. Erka: I like that. Tim: No, oil or anything, straight on the chicken breast because you know the T-fal OptiGrill has non-stick cooking sides, so you don’t have to worry about adding any extra oil if you don’t want to. And then I’m going to put a little bit of fresh garlic on mine. Ereka: Oh, that sounds good. Tim: Yeah, absolutely. And when it goes onto the grill the garlic is going to get nice and crispy and that toasted garlic flavor is just unbelievable. And then going to add in a little bit of this poultry rub, which is smoked paprika, a little bit of chili powder. Yeah take a whiff of that. Ereka: Oh, that smells good, yeah I like that. Tim: So look at this a little bit of cumin in there, and this is also going to give it some good color. And then a little bit of salt for me as well. Ereka You got it. I’m going to flip them, absolutely. Using my hands if you don’t mind. Tim: Season that back up.

Первое знакомство с контактным грилем TEFAL Optigrill + XL GC722D. Тест оптигриля при помощи стейков из шеи свиньи. Смотрите, что получилось!

Время приготовления вместе с разогревом гриля 15 минут. мне понадобилось: свежий огурец и помидор, лист салата, лук, сыр квадратиками хохланд, соус барбекю отХайнц, бифштекс(можно слепить из фарша)

Küchengadget-Fans aufgepasst! Ich habe ein neues Spielzeug, dass euch auch gefallen wird: Den OptiGrill von Tefal. Dieses Hightech-Teil wird zur Zeit als Küchen-Highlight auf der IFA präsentiert und musste dann natürlich auch gleich von mir ausprobiert werden! Der OptiGrill ist ein Zimmergrill mit verschiedenen Grillprogrammen und technischen Finessen und ist mein neuer Liebling für Paninis aller Art! Hier mein allererstes Video. Den kompletten Testbericht und ein kleines Gewinnspiel findet ihr auf meinem Blog www.kochlie.be. Zutaten fürs Panini: 2 Scheiben Sauerteigbrot (Roggen) 1 EL Kräuterfrischkäse 3 Salatbätter 4 Scheiben Putenschinken 2 Cocktailtomaten 3 Stückchen Gorgonzola Salz und Pfeffer

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